It can seem a bit intimidating when trying to find a place to have your next business meeting or conference. If you’re involved in the planning and choosing the location, it seems like everyone knows what the venue should offer. Searching online for conference centers near you can end up providing you with a list of hotels and other venues, but little in the way of an actual understanding of which is the best venue to choose.

If there were an easier way to look for the right venue, that would be fantastic, right? It turns out there’s a shortcut you can look for in choosing your next conference center or business event location. Just look for the IACC certification.

Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center happens to be an IACC certified conference centre, but what does this certification mean? Why can you trust this certification and know you’re getting quality and in for a successful event?

What does IACC stand for?

IACC is the abbreviation for International Association of Conference Centers. The IACC is a global community of people working for companies who want to deliver outstanding or exceptional meeting experiences.  For a company with a business event or meeting venue, this means they have to adhere to strict guidelines and meet a long list of expectations. Only then does the IACC certify the location, providing assurance that the venue in question has met and exceeded the expectations.

IACC offers meeting planning resources, too. These resources are available from them to help business event planners create unique and memorable events. Whether it’s finding a venue or other resources to make sure your business meeting is a success, the IACC can help.

What are the IACC quality standards?

There are nearly 40 different standards the IACC puts forth for meeting centers to meet. This would be far too long and boring to just list here. However, here are a few key standards each venue must certify and maintain to receive and keep the certification worth mentioning:

  1. A minimum of 60% of the meeting space in the conference centre is dedicated, single-purpose conference space.
  2. Dedicated conference rooms are separated from the living and leisure areas (ensuring business can be conducted peacefully)
  3. There’s at least one room dedicated to conferences which is 1,000 square feet with the possibility of providing flexible seating arrangements. Plus, three other rooms dedicated to conferences without moveable walls.
  4. Dedicated rooms have individual climate controls.
  5. The conference rooms have sufficient vertical surfaces to accommodate displays and information projected upon them.
  6. Strict ambient sound criteria to ensure sound levels are reasonable within the conference rooms so lectures and speakers can be heard.
  7. Conference centers have staff dedicated to planning and executing conferences. These professionals should also be highly skilled at setting up rooms, providing and creating menus, helping plan special events and can help provide A/V equipment.
  8. High-speed internet services are made available in conference rooms and to those attending.
  9. Dining areas and services specifically geared towards providing meals, food and beverages for conference and event attendees.
  10. Guest rooms are separate from the conference rooms and leisure activities are also kept separate to allow for privacy for conference attendees.


These are just 10 of the criteria. There are 28 more, covering many subjects such as easy access to office supplies, sound equipment, video equipment, working spaces in guest rooms and additional food and beverage regulations.

What does IACC mean for my business event?

All of this sounds great, but what does it mean? Just about any hotel will provide the same things, right? Not necessarily. While there are other hotels and meeting or event services out there, they may not have all the criteria demanded by IACC to ensure a totally successful and even enjoyable business event or conference. For businesses looking to have an event where actual work is accomplished and they hold an effective conference, this is a must-have. Instead of having to show up to the event location and conduct a rigorous inspection of all 38 points the IACC demands for certification on their own, companies can be assured they’re there from the start.

Book your next conference or business event at Oak Brook Hills

At Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference center, we have gone through the certification process demanded by IACC. Our property has been reviewed and examined by those working for and with IACC to ensure we not only have the certification, but that we keep it.  Therefore, when you are considering a venue for your next business event or conference, consider Chicagoland’s Hidden Gem of the Suburbs.

Limited time offer: book your next event at Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center and they’ll help with your off-site event transportation within one of the DuPage neighborhoods.

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