Surveys show that when you give meeting attendees more of what they want – healthier foods and fitness breaks, and a chance to make a difference-they’ll give you more in return.

Meet with Purpose allows you to bring more WOW to your meeting day by choosing from a collection of thoughtfully packaged menus that pair healthy, creative meals with fitness, wellness and philanthropic activities that are easy to implement and make a big impact on your attendees and world. The three core values of Meet with Purpose are Mindful Meeting, Mindful Eating, and Mindful Being.

Mindful Meeting

Hilton’s Travel with Purpose is committed to cut our environmental footprint in half and double our social impact by 2030. Meet with Purpose can help you meet your corporate responsibility goals and minimize your event’s environmental impact.



Mindful Eating

Even while traveling, we realize people want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and appreciate menu items that give them healthy eating options.

Mindful Being

Plan unique team building activities with Meet with Purpose such as yoga classes, philanthropic activities and more. Create meeting breakout activities that are not only help your attendees feel better throughout the day, but also are socially responsible.