Even though wellness has a been a leading trend in meetings for a few years now, it’s finally gaining momentum.

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The age of smartphones has sadly left humans with such a short attention span, and the average has fallen from 12 to eight seconds since 2000. By comparison, goldfish are believed to have a longer attention span of nine seconds (ouch)!

It’s no wonder we have such a hard time staying focused during long and intensive corporate meetings. According to this article in Forbes, Tony Schwartz, founder of The Energy Project, demonstrates through his research that humans naturally move from full focus and energy to physiological fatigue every 90 minutes. Schwartz suggests that we need to purposely take short breaks every 90 minutes throughout the day to drink water, walk, or to eat healthy snacks.

Here are four simple ways to incorporate wellness breaks into your next meeting to help lower stress levels and increase productivity.

    1. Movement

    Nothing says healthy like getting the mind and body moving. Help your meeting attendees stay active by offering early morning yoga or fitness classes, and make sure there are plenty of breaks throughout the day for walking around. Consider the newly renovated Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida’s invigorating wellness meeting offers. Its morning and afternoon break programs hosted by Core Fitness Training features beach yoga followed by freshly squeezed Florida orange juice, a continental breakfast, and teamwork beach activities. Best part of the offer: guests are rewarded with refreshing boozy popsicles!

Group Team Building at The Diplomat Beach Resort

    2. Healthy Meals & Snacks

    This is a no brainer. With more and more people choosing healthier lifestyles, they don’t want to get off track just because they needed to attend a conference. It’s important to provide healthy snacks and meals for attendees, including fresh fruit, salads, wraps, nuts and protein bars to name a few.  A quick tip – so your guests don’t crash, ditch the sweet treats and sodas, and opt for green juices or fruit infused water stations to keep them hydrated throughout the day. Work with your caterers to plan healthy snacks that include whole foods, proteins and fruits.  Even though it sounds boring, it doesn’t have to be.  Guacamole and chips are socially fun to eat, and full of healthy fats!

    3. Mindful Meetings & Meditation

    Mindful meetings are on the rise and very easy to execute. They can improve brain function, raise emotional intelligence, and even heighten our ability to absorb and retain more information. Ask attendees to set an intention, close their eyes, and breathe. Make your breakout rooms “re-charging stations” available at different times of the day for some peace and quiet [create a no phones allowed area]. This will give guests time to recharge phones while mentally recharging their minds and bodies. It can be as simple as 15 minutes of silence, or guided meditation stations using apps like Calm or Headspace. Pro Tip: the introverts will thank you later too as most recoil when you talk about “group activities.” That sort of planned, forced interaction will leave them feeling even more drained.

    4. Minor Details

    Wellness can be found in the smallest of details. Make sure to take into consideration the lighting, quality of the chairs, the temperature of meeting rooms, and the length of meetings. Keeping everyone comfortable and taking breaks every 50-90 minutes will lower stress levels and increase productivity. All these minor things will add up to a positive, memorable meeting experience.

To learn more about The Diplomat Beach Resort’s Wellness Breaks, please contact the resort’s general sales department at groupsales@diplomatresort.com or call 954.602.8607.

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