A dramatic oceanfront coastline, a reliably warm and sunny climate, a fascinating past and incredible ethnic and natural diversity thrust Aruba into the Caribbean hall of fame. Its crystalline white-sand beaches dotted with palm trees are sheltered from strong currents and pose the lowest risk of hurricanes in the region, making it a trusted tropical destination for families and cautious travelers.

If you think this means Aruba’s boring beyond its gleaming beaches, think again. Emily Vukovic from The Weather Network is ready to shatter the notion of the island being the least bold of the Caribbean archipelago:

We bet this has whet your appetite for some Aruban adventure, so without further ado, we present you with an itinerary of exotic activities to get your heart beating in the rhythm of the Caribbean and adrenalin pumping through your veins.


  1. Off-roading in the Countryside

Aruba’s topography is mostly flat so it provides excellent terrain for safe off-roading in Jeeps and Land Rovers. This family-friendly adventure takes you on a four-wheel drive around the highlights of the island, with knowledgeable tour guides immersing you into Aruban history and culture. Do sightseeing your way and discover a plethora of beautiful landscapes with your personal adventure companion.

Talk to the staff at the kiosk in the lobby of Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino to set yourself up for a day of off-road exploring.

Scuba diving

2. Scuba Diving for Shipwrecks

It sounds like a credit straight from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but Aruba is indeed the capital of shipwreck diving in the region. Local diving centers even have courses and certifications specifically for shipwreck seekers! There’s enough sprawling underwater marine architecture to keep you blissfully floating and roaming for hours. Sunken World War II ships coated in colorful coral for your next adventure? Check!

The PADI Dive Centre is a quality diving establishment with the most extensive experience in providing unforgettable diving experiences in Aruba.

Natural pools

3. Swimming in the Natural Pool

Named ‘conchi’ and ‘Cura di Tortuga’ in Aruban, this natural pool sticks out from a remote point in the rugged eastern shoreline. Shaped by the ever-azure rolling waves of the ocean, volcanic stone encircles the tranquil turquoise pool that looks like something carved for merpeople. You’ll be needing your 4×4 to venture through vast stretches of Aruban shrubland and slip into this heavenly wild oasis.

Our resort can equip you with the material you need to hike across the Aruban hinterland and bask in all the glory of the natural pool at the crest of your journey.

Animal Garden

4. Going Wild with Aruba Animals

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with nature’s fascinating, record-breaking creatures? Philip’s Animal Garden is just the place for you. It’s an exotic zoo with the environmentally conscious mission of conserving the beautiful native specimens of wildlife on the island. The animals thrive in their natural habitat and enjoy lots of freedom to interact with visitors while benefiting from safe, comfortable living quarters.

The list of interesting fauna is endless: camels, jaguarundis, axis deer, Shetland ponies, rattlesnakes, kangaroos, skunks, ocelots, pythons, alpacas, boa constrictors and many others you won’t be seeing on a regular day!


5. Fishing for Treasure in the Caribbean Sea

With waters brimming in all kinds of richness, fishing is a national sport in Aruba and the sea is ripe for the catch all year round. Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, you can spend a picture-perfect day fishing in deep sea or light tackle, fly and bottom fishing. There’s nothing like the kick from playing hook, line and sinker in real life with a barracuda, kingfish, mahi mahi or shark!